Meet Pushy, a small, friendly character who wants to be in his home. Before he can get there, however, there is a puzzle to solve. You move Pushy step by step and, through trial and error, determine how the different elements of the puzzle operate, and what tasks need to be done. For example, Pushy must move obstacles and dump a red ball into a red hole. After completing all relevant tasks, move Pushy to his home. If you solved everything correctly, you will advance to the next level!

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made for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
iOS 12 and higher

Pushy Schriftzug

Help Pushy find its way through more than 300 mind-challenging levels..

Pushy on iPad

What’s New in Version 3.3

  Fixed sharing Gameboard Screenshots from Main Menu

  Added Restart Button to Watch app

  Better Interoperability with upcoming medienwerkstatt apps

  Updated for iOS 15 and new iPads and iPhones

and still new from the previous update ...

  Landscape and split screen/multitasking on iPads

   Control Pushy with your face on devices with Face ID (experimental)

   New Game Element "Ice"

   250 Meister Levels

   Native Support for all new iPhone and iPad Screen Sizes

   Support for newest iOS - runs on iOS 12 and up

   More Haptic Feedback

   Apple Watch App

The first few levels can be solved very quickly. However, as new elements are added, you will encounter very demanding puzzles that may take many attempts to figure out. There are more than 300 different levels, with varying degrees of difficulty. Each level must be solved in order to advance to the next one. After only a few levels you'll come to appreciate what Pushy really is: a logic game that is a lot of fun! Each level will create new challenges to your intelligence. In advanced levels, Pushy will be able to move heavy stone blocks out of the way, cleverly bypass electrical spots to get through the sliding doors and free up a path through offices littered with bullets. But, watch out for trap doors and other alarms you may trigger!

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Create your own levels and share with your friends


Game Center


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Genius Level Pack

84 brand-new levels and graphics available as in-app purchase.


250 built-in levels
and 86 Genius Levels (In-App Purchase)

Multiple Accounts

Up to 5 player accounts

Be Creative!

Create your own levels

Backup & Restore!

Backup and restore your settings and scores


Stunning hi-res graphics for Retina and Super Retina displays

Don’t Get Stuck!

Undo your last moves

Pushy Sings!

Listen to 8 Pushy songs while playing

Share the Fun!

Post to Facebook or send tweets


Send/receive levels via Airdrop, Bluetooth or email.
Handoff: move between your devices and continue solving a level

Optimized & Universal

Supports all the new iPads and iPhones.
iPad/iPhone/iPod universal

Let’s Play

Make your own Let’s Play videos with the new Screen Recorder

3D Touch 

Press on Pushy for quick options (if your device does support 3D Touch)

Landscape & Split Screen

Play Pushy in landscape mode or side-by-side with other apps

Facial Control 

Control Pushy with facial expressions (on devices that support Face ID)


  PUSHY lite • FREE • 18 Levels

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